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Career Development Toolkit

“Arm yourself with the skills and relationships absolutely necessary for success”

This mini-course ensures you have the necessary competencies, skills, and relationships for success in the jobs/roles you identified. It also helps you clarify potential best-fit mentors and coaches on your journey to career success.

As part of this mini-course, you will complete four critical worksheets which help clarify required skills, your particular skill gaps, and how you will best close those gaps:

  • CDT Worksheet 1 & 2: Preparing Myself for Next Jobs: Required Competencies, Skills, and Relationships
  • CDT Worksheet 3: Preparing Myself for Next Jobs: Skills Gap Analyses
  • CDT Worksheet 4: My Top 3 Areas for Development: Gap Analyses Summary Worksheet
  • CDT Worksheet 5: Matching Potential Mentors and Coaches to My Development Needs Worksheet

Preparing yourself for the career you desire is ultimately your responsibility. This mini-course provides critical knowledge and tools to make your career goals a reality.

Continue below below to access and complete the four (4) corresponding worksheets associated with this mini-course.