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Career Planning Toolkit

“Take control of your career success

This mini-course is designed to help you determine where you want to take your career and the specific jobs/roles you will need to get there.

As part of this mini-course, you will complete four critical worksheets which help plan your career:

  • CPT Worksheet 1: Your Definitions of Success; both personally and professionally
  • CPT Worksheet 2: The critical jobs/roles necessary to achieve your career goals;
  • CPT Worksheet 3: My Game-Changing Development Plan™ to Take Myself to the Next Level
  • CPT Worksheet 4: My Game-Changing Coaching Plan™ to Take Myself to the Next Level

Managing your career is ultimately your responsibility.  This mini-course provides critical knowledge and tools to make your career goals a reality.

Continue below below to access and complete the four (4) corresponding worksheets associated with this mini-course.