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by | Dec 30, 2019 | Career Success Blog

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Your Year-End Performance Rating

This is the time of year when company performance-management systems kick in and many of you begin receiving feedback about your 2019 performance and results.  In an ideal world, you sat down face-to-face with your manager throughout the year, reviewed the goals and objectives you set back in January or February, and received periodic feedback regarding how well you were doing.

Now we come to the end of the year and your manager’s periodic feedback now becomes the basis for your actual performance rating.  As you receive your performance rating, hopefully, it comes as no surprise to you.  If you received the rating you expected and deserved—well done and congratulations!  If you received a rating you consider an unpleasant surprise, now is the time to try a different approach to avoid a repeat experience in 2020. For those of you who want to know how to receive an outstanding performance rating each and every year—read on!

People often find it surprising when I describe the two critical factors for receiving an outstanding performance rating year after year:  1) your relationship with your boss, and 2) your performance and results—in that order.  I would remind you that the performance appraisal process is inherently a subjective process because it is essentially the opinion of your boss.

Therefore, your relationship with your boss is critical because all your activities, actions, and results are viewed through the lens of your relationship.  If you have a great relationship, your actions will be viewed through a very positive filter.  If you have a less positive or acrimonious relationship with your boss, your year-end performance rating will reflect it.  One of my maxims is “The Boss Always Wins” and the performance appraisal process is where and when it happens.

However, a good relationship with your boss—while critical—is not enough.  To receive an outstanding performance rating you will need to consistently outperform nearly everyone else who reports to your boss.  And your performance (your day-to-day actions and activities) must not only lead to the results you promised in your goals and objectives, but exceed them.  If you consistently produce these kinds of better-than-expected results, you will become your boss’ “go-to person,” the immeasurable benefits of which I will discuss in a later blog.   Most importantly, it will lead to the outstanding performance rating you desire and deserve, thereby enhancing your career success.

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