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Data Analytics for Better Organizational Design and Diagnosis

Strategic Alignment

Your new digital-technical workplace may require a different way of thinking about optimal organizational structures in order to achieve strategic and tactical objectives. We believe structure follows strategy and therefore begin our work by ensuring proper alignment between what your organization is attempting to accomplish and how employees are grouped together to deliver those objectives. We help you clarify critical duties, responsibilities, and deliverables for any entity within the organization to maximize your likelihood of success. We conduct assessments—using customized interviews, focus groups, surveys and other data analytic tools—to help inform suggested areas of opportunity and focus.

Organizations are complicated systems, and the problems they often face are also complex and multifaceted.

Unfortunately, those problems often go misdiagnosed, especially when symptoms are mistaken for causes. Successful companies never cling to status quo. They search for ways to become more flexible, adaptable, and innovative. To survive in today’s turbulent business environment, organizations constantly find ways to grow and evolve.

PWA knows cursory reviews and quick fixes rarely work. 

Therefore, we use a thorough organizational analysis process to get to the root of the organizational problems. As expert researchers, we investigate organizations using a variety of techniques, including both qualitative (e.g., interviews, focus groups) and quantitative (e.g., surveys, assessments) methodologies.

Our approach is collaborative. We believe people within the organization have valuable insights and solutions for the problems they face every day. Our recommendations are actionable; we blend organizational theory and research with business application and practicality. And our solutions get positive results. We are absolutely committed to making your organization function as well possible.