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Dr. Addie Perkins Williamson

Perkins Williamson Associates, Inc. (PWA) was founded in 1995 by Dr. Addie Perkins Williamson, after a successful career as a senior executive with IBM, The Chase Manhattan Bank, Pfizer, Inc., The Pepsi Cola Company, and American Express. During the past 20+ years, PWA has emerged as one of the most successful boutique consulting firms with an impressive roster of clients ranging from Fortune 500 conglomerates to small, fast-growing companies.

“When I founded PWA, I wasn’t perfectly sure I wanted to become an external consultant,” Dr. Perkins Williamson says. I liked working with teams on complex business problems resulting in successful outcomes and, in comparison, consulting seemed a lonely existence to me. It came as a pleasant surprise to learn how much positive impact we could have on organizations working in partnership with clients and their teams.”

For much of this 20+ year period PWA has consisted of a highly select team of 10-25 associates who provide expert advice all around the world. The firm has created and executed projects to improve the link between performance and rewards and recognition; aligned goals and day-to-day activities with the most critical objectives of a business, function or department; helped managers understand how and under what circumstances people change; assisted countless executives in understanding how best to create a culture which supports inclusion and diversity; developed and coached leaders for success at all levels of an organization, and facilitated high levels of employee engagement.

At this point PWA is very much focused on transitioning from more traditional Human Resources and leadership capabilities to skills more appropriate and relevant for the digital-technical workplace as organizations prepare. As Organizational Development (OD) consultants, the firm is committed to helping individuals, teams, and entire organizations work more effectively and efficiently—that is, working on the right things and doing the right things well—for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 and Leadership 4.0.

Perkins Williamson Associates is based in the Washington, D.C. area.