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HR Practices and Workforce Optimization

Human  Resources Practice

Perkins Williamson Associates (PWA)’s Human Resources Practice assists large and small HR organizations to effectively support their business partners by creating state-of- the-art, business-driven solutions.


Strategic Alignment

All too often we see insufficient alignment between business and human resources goals with poor execution of strategic objectives as the outcome. Strategic Alignment is the appropriate congruence of a strong strategic and tactical plan for the business with a robust human resources plan to ensure the right people are available at the right time to accomplish it. Our team helps your business and Human Resources (HR) teams plan for the effective use of human, financial, and other resources to produce required deliverables.


Human Resources Planning

We all experience workplaces with multi-generational employees who have different approaches to work and needs for development and engagement. The digital-technical workplace will lead to some jobs going away and the emergence of a new set of different jobs. Organizations are making more use of technology and many are becoming flatter with more employees working remotely all around the world. The objective remains the same; attracting the best people, putting the right people in the right jobs at the right time, and keeping them actively engaged. And it continues to be both a science and an art.

It continues to be both science and an art.

The Plan

PWA can help you more perfectly align your organization’s talent to meet your near- and medium-term strategic goals and deliverables. We will work with your team to develop comprehensive human resources plans which address Recruitment and Placement, Development Planning, Succession Planning, Compensation and Benefits, and Retention.


Performance Management

Align employees’ efforts and activities with organizational strategies, goals, and objectives and assess and reward them for the accomplishment of assigned deliverables.


Development Planning

Close the gap between employees’ abilities and job requirements through coaching, on-the-job-training and experiences, special assignments, self-directed learning, and formal training programs.


Succession Planning

Ensure key positions within the firm have a pipeline of well-developed and prepared candidates to back-fill incumbents.


On-boarding of External Senior Executive Hires

The success rate of senior executives moving from one company to another is dismal. Successful on-boarding of these critical assets requires a focused, well-thought-out and well-executed plan for both the new executive and the organization. 

PWA provides coaching to both the organization and the new executive for six months to a year to enhance the likelihood of a successful transition. Our on-boarding process includes a rigorous and rapid immersion program which permits the executive to better understand the culture and “how things are done here” and “hit the ground running.”



Human assets are expensive. When companies lose good employees, the impact is quite far-reaching. Work-flow is affected. Intellectual capital is diminished. Productivity and morale may drop. Customer service may suffer.

PWA helps organizations address turnover and retention issues. We help you better understand the organizational and psychological factors that discourage employees and prompt them to quit. We help you recognize what encourages your best employees to stay. Based on this knowledge, we have developed a variety of retention services and strategies, ranging from climate surveys and exit studies to job analyses and 360-degreefeedback, we make available to minimize your retention issues. We can help you transform your organization into a high-retention workplace.